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Our mission is to develop humbled individuals that will have the courage to demonstrate conflict resolution, self discipline, diplomacy and responsibility.  We stress the total success of the student is mandated by their ability to learn at their own pace, within a nurturing environment.


To become a prestigious urban institute of education recognized for its diversity, community rapport, and instructional design. Every student is achieving at their maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment.


We are here to assist Maryland's underserved, low-income students in reaching their full potential by recognizing the external influences of social barriers on student's success.  You will find our umbrella covering all the resources and educational plans that promote student's intellectual, emotional, social, ethical, physical, and spiritual developments. These services assures that students achieves both academic and life skills success.

        TMLC k12 Plus formulates, executes and supervise educational instructional design. We offer the flexibility of bringing your own curriculum or following our online k12 competency-based, SEL, mastery-graded curriculum. Designed to meet the student where they are and guide them towards mastery of the subject. Acceptance into a 4 year university or successful presentation of their business plan is the final goal of every student of our program. We are partnered with Baltimore City Community College via the Mayor's Scholars Program. Our students are enrolling tuition-free in any BCCC associate degree, certificate, or qualified workforce training program. These college credits are guaranteed transferable to any Maryland college including HBCU's. After our students earns their Associates Degree they can attend Coppin State College tuition free! TMLC k12 Plus is the only Umbrella group in Maryland that offers this program for homeschooling High Schoolers. Students can begin earning college credits in their Junior year or earlier if they qualify.  

        Thrive Behavioral Health is another partner! They are here to assure student's emotional needs are met by assisting students and their families with mental health services. These services are free for Medicaid recipients.

        Daily meditation, periodic breathing breaks and Yoga sessions will promote overall well being and calmness.


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    $50 Reg/ $15 monthly
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    $50 Reg/$15 Monthly
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